Barbie Rainbow Castle Playset

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Product Features

  • Three colourful floors highlight the rainbow theme with brightly coloured backdrops, details and accessories.
  • Colorful turrets, cutouts of butterflies in the door and rainbows everywhere make this castle magical
  • A shell shaped mermaid pool creates outdoor space below, while a rooftop deck is a fabulous spot for tea.
  • At the top, sparkly clouds can hold a fairy doll as she spins and overlooks the entire cove (dolls sold separately).
  • Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle is suitable for ages 3 years and over. Dolls sold seperately.
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Product Description

The Barbie Dreamtopia Princess Castle Playset is a great addition for any young girl who loves to play with Barbie, creating mini stories and play scenarios, whether on her own or with friends.


This is a very colourful playset, with turrets and a great deck above the bedroom, which contains a gorgeous canopied bed with its purple pillow –  so perfect for sweet dreams I almost wish my bed was like this! With a dressing table to the side, Barbie can make herself look even more beautiful each morning or before her banquets and parties.


A shell shaped mermaid pool gives Barbie somewhere to relax and unwind. The clouds at the top spin, and you can give Barbie a nice ride on this to see her whole kingdom. This is a great feature that differentiates this from some of the other playsets.


The backdrops continue the bright colours – pretty dresses sit in a picture of a wardrobe and in the dining room the cakes look good enough to eat! On the door there are cutouts of butterflies, and rainbows everywhere make this castle magical.


In the dining room you will find a table set for two with chairs that have cute sculpted backs of butterflies. Above the table hangs a chandelier – a necessity for any princess castle.


Barbie Rainbow Castle Playset is suitable for ages 3 years and over and is great quality, as you would expect. However, it is a bit on the small side, so maybe more suitable for the Barbie Rainbow Cove Dolls rather than the full sized dolls.

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Share with others - great for gift lists!

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