Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset

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Product Features

  • Tell all kinds of fairy tales with this brightly coloured rainbow castle -- the possibilities for action, adventure and happily ever afters are endless!
  • The castle features spinning clouds and comes with a mermaid pool, a dining table, a tea table, 2 chairs, a canopied bed, pillow, tea cups, cupcakes on plates, perfume bottle and brush.
  • Colours and decorations may vary.
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Product Description

My girls are a bit old to play with playsets now, but when my youngest was a toddler she was into princesses and castles a lot. Rapunzel was her favourite Disney Princess, but she would play with any doll and pretend they were a princess.


One of the hottest new toys for kids, according to Walmart’s 25 Hottest Toys for 2016 list, is the Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset. This castle offers hours of fun with fashion dolls in their very own castle.


This castle is very big and has three floors to create whatever scenes your child’s imagination comes up with. The backdrop for the castle floors pop with all the bright, beautiful colours of the rainbow. So pretty.


This toy is in high demand. there’s plenty of attention to detail, and with so many accessories, your child can create games fit for a princess for her dolls.


Some of the lovely features of the castle are found in the butterfly cutouts that you’ll see on the bright yellow doors of the castle. The turret at the top of the castle has a rainbow with clouds.

A lovely fairy doll can be fixed to the rainbow, and the holder will allow the doll to spin. There’s another rainbow between the turret and the end column of the castle.


The dolls can walk into the castle using the butterfly door or through the open access on the bottom floor which leads directly into the dining room. There are accessories for the dining room – a table and two chairs in bright colours. These cute chairs both have backs that are made in the shape of butterflies. There is a chandelier that hangs above the table, which adds to the glamour of the castle.


The accessories for the table include cupcakes for two fashion dolls along with teacups and miniature saucers. Fashion dolls can access the second floor of the castle using the stairs.


These stairs are brightly coloured in keeping with the rainbow theme. On the second floor, you’ll find there’s a bedroom along with a closet and a dressing table with a bottle of perfume and a hairbrush on it.


In order to get a good night’s sleep, the bedroom features a lovely canopy bed with a fluffy pillow. At the very top of the castle, there is a pool that’s shaped just like a seashell and the fashion dolls can relax and have fun splashing around.


There’s a deck on the roof, to allow the dolls to survey their kingdom. All three of these floors are packed with details to make the castle come to life and add to your child’s enjoyment. Please note – none of the dolls are included with the purchase of the castle – so you’ll need to buy those separately.

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