Transformers Rescue Bots Playskool Heroes Medix The Doc-Bot Figure

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Product Features

  • Medix The Doc-Bot figure converts easily
  • Push the siren to convert him from ambulance mode to robot mode
  • Includes figure
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Product Description

The first Transformers movie was released in 2007, and starred Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. The fifth film, all of which have been directed by Michael Bay, will be released next year, with follow ups in the following 2 years. It’s a series that has many critics, but also many true fans.


The films show the Autobots battling it out with the Decepticons in a world of advanced technology and ancient history. And now, your kids can play a role in this intergalactic conflict by teaming up with allies as they pursue adventure and rescue each other.


The Medix Doc-Bot Figure bots can execute several tasks such as tackle floods, put off fires, and fight crime. Furthermore, you can expect the Rescue Bots Playskool heroes to arrive with specially fitted tools that will help them deliver on their tasks. The transition from robot to vehicle mode and vice versa is easy. You can transform the Medix Doc-Bot Figure into an ambulance on rescue mode. And if the mission gets too risky, you easily transform back into a robot by gently pushing your siren.




• Less than six inches tall, making it not too small or big but just the right size for your pre-school child.
• Simplified transformation from vehicle to robot and vice versa can be performed by kids without asking for parents to help.
• An easy to play toy.


Is The Medix the Doc-Bot Figure Worth Buying?


If your child is a big fan of the Transformers series, he or she would love this play set. It opens up a world of imagination for your child as they invent various scenarios to save the world from destruction.


• Durable
The remakes are quite impressive and a great addition for those aspiring to own a complete set. You will be surprised the incredible amount of abuse it can withstand from your kids.

• Adjustable
The transformation ability has been vastly improved from previous toys and happens easily.

• Adaptable
These toys do not need any batteries to run, which is great. They are robust so they are perfect for playing whatever the weather.


• The Medic bots are quite complicated in design.
• The medic bots are limited in the market and might cost a lot depending on where you purchase them.




Many kids are familiar with Transformers and watch their movies and cartoons. The Rescue Bots bring the intergalactic transformers universe to your toddlers play space.


Even when you consider potential drawbacks, very few issues arise on the integrity of the toy. The quality is impressive and does not have lots of small pieces that tend to get lost. The Rescue Bot can be a perfect Christmas or birthday present your Transformers fan will play with for hours.


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