Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline Review

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Product Features

  • Perfect trampoline for toddlers to burn off energy
  • Features large jumping surface and handle bar for stability
  • Plastic and metal combination
  • Trampoline is for indoor use only
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Product Description

One of the highlights of the great Team GB success at the Rio Olympics Games for me was the surprise silver medal for Bryony Page. It’s not a sport that gets much exposure, and the shock on Bryony’s face was just pure joy. I hope that her success will inspire youngsters to think of trampolining as a sport they may wish to try.


There are trampolines all over Britain’s back gardens, so obviously kids like to bounce. Whilst a lot of them are big trampolines, the younger children take up a sport the more likely they are to succeed, and so the Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is perfect for this.


The benefits of play in a child’s development are immense. Active play advances physical development, nurtures social skills, builds imagination, promotes emotional well-being, and helps kids exercise. One way of ensuring your kids get the benefits play brings to their growth and well-being is by buying toys that will encourage them to stay physically active and have fun.


The Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline is an excellent toy to keep your kids active. As children jump and bounce on the trampoline, they develop motor skills, coordination and balance. The trampoline has a large jumping area and is the ideal size for kids aged 3-6 years.


Little Tikes trampoline has feet made of non-slip rubber and a wide, stable base. In addition, the design features handlebars that help kids stay upright and jump higher. The trampoline is designed for indoor use, can accommodate a maximum weight of 55lbs and will provide lots of bouncy fun for your kids.


Features of the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline
The Little Tikes 3’ trampoline comes assembled and folds for storage. Feet made of non-slip rubber are screwed onto the legs to make the trampoline wobble free.


The handlebars, legs and base are made of a metal and plastic combination with foam padding on the handle bar to protect the kids from injury. In terms of size, the trampoline measures 36”L x 36”W x 33.50”H with a height of 26.25” from the jumping surface to the top of the handle bar. Other features include:

·      Elastic webbing on the jumping surface, which lasts longer than bungee cords and is safer than springs.
·      Wide jumping surface supported on 5 legs made of metal/plastic combination with non-slip rubber feet.
·      Supports bars built on either side of the jumping surface.
·      Foam padded handlebar that screws on the support bars to the side of the jumping surface, which provides kids with something to hold onto and stay upright.


Is the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline Worth Buying?


The Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline provides exercise your kids need to develop physically and emotionally. Physical activity helps children sleep better, improves their concentration and reduces irritability. These benefits make the Little Tikes 3’ a good buy for parents with kids between 3 and 6 years.


·      Easy to assemble and move around.
·      The metal/plastic material used is durable and the safety of the children is given consideration.
·      Playing with the trampoline will keep your children fit and prevent them from becoming obese.
·      It will help improve balance, coordination and develops motor skills in your children.
·      The foam padded handle bar will prevent your kids from being injured.
·      The kids can use the trampoline for other make-believe games, for example, as a tent structure, bed, picnic area, podium etc.


·      Kids may bite and chew the foam padding on the handle bar, which can result in choking. Take precautions by covering the handle bar.




Play and exercise facilitates the growth and well-being of your children. Toys that help your children exercise and have fun are a must-buy on every parents shopping list. And, the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline is an excellent choice since it will give kids the exercise they require while at the same time allow for fun play.


If you purchase this for your child, they take up the sport, and become an Olympic hopeful in 12 years time, please let me know. I’ll be the first to be cheering them on.

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