Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Toy Review

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Product Features

  • Size: 198cm x 190cm x 108cm/ 77.9in x 70.8in x 42.5in, with a weight capacity of 140 lb.
  • Made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl, a long lasting color that will never fade off of the material.
  • With a recessed seating area that's comfortable for lounging, Quick-inflate valve allows 5x faster inflation than traditional valves, easy to inflate and deflate, enjoy the summer cool life
  • Enjoyed by kids and adult alike, great for pool play, lounging, pool decoration and pool parties
  • Easy to inflate, features two handles on swans neck for good grip.
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Product Description

The kids are off school, and there’s plenty of people off on holiday. If you are planning a staycation in the UK then you will need things to entertain the kids. Most kids love to spend hours splashing about in the swimming pool – time flies by without the constant whinging that can occur.
If you and your kids spend a great deal of time in the water, the Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Toy is one float you simply must get. This inflatable toy has such a cool design – who doesn’t want to lounge around on a giant flamingo?!?! Kids will have so much fun playing with the float while adults can spend hours on end aboard the giant flamingo topping up their tans whilst relaxing in the pool.
Features of the Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Toy
The Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Toy has several features that make it the better buy over most other inflatable toy options. Top on the list is it’s length –  80-inches, that makes it the largest flamingo float on the market. This means that anyone even 6 feet tall, and more, can lounge on the Giant Flamingo as it floats around the pool. In addition to the massive length, you also get:

  •  A Sturdy Build
    Made from high quality PVC, this Giant Flamingo float can handle everything from a ride down the river to rowdy kids to a 230-pound frame. So, you can expect the inflatable toy to last through several summers, even with frequent or heavy use.
  • A Large Size
    Standing at 75.2 inches in width when inflated, the Giant Flamingo inflatable toy is a true giant. This width coupled with the toy’s colossal length provides a spacious area that is said to be roomy enough to comfortably fit two people (more if they’re kids).
  • UV Resistance
    Made of UV resistant material, this inflatable flamingo offers the perfect fit for those days when you simply want to sit out in the pool. Since the material does not heat up under the sun, you can spend as much time as you want in the water. This UV protection feature also ensures the Giant Flamingo retains its bright pink color even with extended exposure to the sun.
  • A Cool Design

One of the highlights of this Giant Flamingo inflatable toy is a nice design that features a spacious middle, two wings at the side that offer more room, and a tail that can double up as a headrest. Thanks to this design, you can sit, lie on your back, stomach, or side, or even stand (if you wish to) on the inflatable flamingo as it floats around the pool.
Is The Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Toy Worth Buying?
With more pros than cons listed by users, the Giant Flamingo Inflatable pool toy is definitely a good buy. The only listed complaints are from a couple of users saying that the flamingo is difficult to inflate and takes a lot of time and air to blow up. An electric air pump may well come in handy!

As for pros, a vast majority of users say that the flamingo float:

  • Generously sized float that can be used even by an adult.
  • The design is surprisingly studier than expected.
  • The float delivers satisfactory performance whether used as a play toy or a tanning bed.
  • Feels very comfortable to lie on.
  • Comes in handy if you want to laze around the pool without touching the water.
  • Looks great on the pool as well as in photos.

Whether it’s a pool party or a lazy hot summer afternoon in the water, your time in the water will be better and more fun with the Giant Inflatable Pool Toy. This is one of those pool toys that makes a good fit for absolutely everyone and can be used in a variety of ways including for relaxation, fun, and aesthetic purposes. I can just imagine several kids playing some great games on this for hours on end, whilst you relax with a good book next to the pool.

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