Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

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Product Features

  • Blows bubbles on grass, sidewalks, driveways
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Product Description

I always try to get my kids to help round the house with little chores. They are never that keen, but once they step away from the sofa then they actually enjoy helping out.
Encouraging kids to do chores at an early age will make them more responsible as they grow older – we all have to do them we fly the nest, so it’s never too early to learn. Parents definitely have to think of ways to get their kids more involved in doing day to day chores. Getting toddlers and young children to help with chores can prove to be, shall we say, “challenging”, though, as they have a low attention span and parents have to come up with creative ways that are interesting and fun.
The Fish-Price Bubble Mower will make kids feel they are helping their parents mow the lawn. It looks and sounds like a lawnmower, rolling along the lawn with the motor spinning, and blowing lots of bubbles as it goes. Kids will love going outdoors, and get a sense of accomplishment for helping Dad or Mum mow the lawn.
I had something similar for my eldest when she was a toddler, although it didn’t have the bubbles. And I have to say, she used it lots, even when I wasn’t mowing the lawn. But when I was, she’d be there behind me, going over the bits I missed.
Features of the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

The Fisher-Price Bubble Mower comes from Fisher’s line of educational toys and has large wheels that will roll over concrete, dirt paths and grass when it is pushed. The mower makes a lifelike whirring noise, blows bubbles into the air, has a spinning motor like compartment on the top (which is always good as it adds to the enjoyment), as well as chambers to pour in and hold the liquid bubble solution.
The Product measures 26.9 x 19.6 x 37.6 cm, weighs just over 2kg, and is suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years. As far as features are concerned, the Fisher-Price bubble mower comes with the following bells and whistles:

  • A chamber that can emit lots of bubbles.
  • Preset acoustics that sound like a real lawnmower.
  • Spinning motor that runs as you push the mower along.
  • Blows bubbles as it’s pushed along.
  • Has a light handle that is easy to push or pull and helps prevent it from tipping over.
  • Includes a can of bubble solution.

Is the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower Worth Buying?
The Fisher-Price Bubble Mower is exciting for children with its life-like sounds, appearance, and bubbles. This play item offers good value for your money because it will make your kids learn to imitate adult behaviour, and develop learn the importance of hard work (through chores) while having fun.

  • Pushing the mower will help develop motor skills in young children.
  • It’s easy to clean with just a wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Does not require batteries – no more hunting around to find out you’ve run out.
  • It will help your kids get healthy exercise by pushing the mower along.
  • Gives kids a sense of accomplishment for helping with adult chores.


  •  The compartment where the bubble solution is poured into the mower is open and has no lid. Children can easily access the solution with their small hands and may attempt to drink it. So best not to let them play unsupervised if bubble solution has been poured in.
  • The bubble solution can easily spill out of the compartment since there is no lid to secure it.


The Fisher-Price Bubble Mower is an excellent toy that encourages children to help their parents in everyday chores and make them more responsible from a very early age. It will also provide healthy exercise, develop motor skills, build self-confidence, and give your children a sense of accomplishment.
Would I buy it if my children were toddlers? My main concern would be over the bubble compartment, but I think the art would be to not fill too high, and be prepared to fill more than once per playtime. Alternatively, do not use the bubble part, which then makes it an expensive buy and maybe the Bosch mower would be a better alternative.

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